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About West Coast Plumbing

Meet the Owner

Doug Ingram

President & CEO

Doug Ingram is a Master Plumber with extensive experience partnering with Property Management companies to serve HOA's and property owners.

West Coast Plumbing employs office staff with more than 10 years tenure dedicated to property management service needs. Our experienced team of journeyman plumbers specialize in servicing associations and neighborhood communities.

We carry more in-house equipment than any other HOA-dedicated local plumbing service. We offer unique cost-saving programs and processes created specifically for property management customers and HOA properties.

Fast, accurate reports and billing, plus an intimate knowledge of infrastructure and plumbing needs for most Ventura County properties, makes us the premiere choice for your property.

Ventura County's First Fully Accredited Green Plumber

(Possibly The Only One!)

West Coast Plumbing is a locally-owned (non-franchise) plumbing service in Ventura County. We carry the largest inventory of company-owned equipment for fastest service on heavy jobs. No need for subcontracting large service issues.

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